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Typewriting on tracing paper

PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:42 am
by sarahg
Hi everyone,

This isn't exactly a bookbinding question, but I'm hoping you might have some tips about papers and inks for me! I'm creating a book which involves using an old typewriter directly onto tracing paper. The translucence of the paper is important to the project, as is the mono-print element of typewriting it by hand (rather than scanning and reproducing copies). I've used standard typewriter ribbon (I'm not even sure there are alternative kinds of typewriter ink these days) on standard tracing paper - the kind sold in regular stationers for graphics use etc. I've also tried some very thin Japanese silk paper. In both cases the typewriter ink bleeds really badly after a few weeks. On the tracing paper it's become almost illegibly blurry. The Japanese paper's a bit better for bleed but the paper itself is incredibly delicate and I don't see it lasting well at all.

Does anyone else have experience of using tracing papers, or knowledge of good fixatives, or of alternative typewriter inks/ribbons?